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Sri Lankan Tamil Model Anika Elangotharan Radiates in Red Saree | Trendceylon

Sri Lankan Tamil model Anika Elangotharan stuns in a red saree, adorned with elegant gold jewelry.

Anika Elangotharan looks absolutely stunning in this vibrant red saree. The rich, bold color of the saree is accentuated by the intricate gold embroidery, creating a perfect blend of tradition and elegance. Her jewelry, featuring a mix of gold and intricate designs, adds a regal touch, with standout pieces like the statement ring and jhumkas.

Studio T Pix captures Anika’s grace and beauty flawlessly. The talented Ruby MUA team deserves a special mention for the impeccable hair and makeup, highlighting her natural charm. This look is a beautiful example of traditional Sri Lankan Tamil attire with a contemporary twist.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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