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Sri Lankan Tamil Actress Janany Kunaseelan Shines in Traditional Indian Attire | Trendceylon

Sri Lankan Tamil actress Janany Kunaseelan stuns in a traditional yellow lehenga, an icon of Indian Tamil cinema’s fashion.

Janany Kunaseelan, a Sri Lankan Tamil actress known for her roles in Indian Tamil films, looks resplendent in a traditional yellow lehenga. The lehenga, sourced from Mokshè Rental Destination, is a brilliant display of Indian textiles, characterized by its vivid color and delicate embellishments. While deeply rooted in tradition, the attire presents a modern silhouette that aligns with contemporary fashion trends.

Accentuating the outfit, the jewelry from Chennai Jazz is traditional yet bold, embodying the artistry and elegance of Tamil Nadu’s heritage. Sharanya’s Makeup Artistry’s skillful application highlights Janany’s features, emphasizing her connection to the culture portrayed through her films. The hairstyle crafted by Shanthi Makeup Studio complements the festive look, adding a sense of grace and sophistication.

The visuals, captured at the picturesque location of Elements on the East Coast by Swetha Photography, provide a perfect canvas for the actress’s radiant look. Janany’s portrayal in these images does more than just showcase fashion; it tells a story of cultural harmony and cinematic cross-over between Sri Lanka and India.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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