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Sri Lankan Singer Hana’s Bold Black Top and Green Skirt Ensemble | Trendceylon

Pop sensation Hana from Sri Lanka dazzles in a plush black top and shimmering green skirt, making a striking fashion statement

The Sri Lankan music star, Hana Shafa, stands out in her latest photoshoot with a fashion-forward combination of colours and textures. The plush black crop top offers a velvety contrast against the metallic sheen of her green mini skirt, embodying a mix of boldness and playful charm. The skirt’s wrap-style cut adds a dynamic edge, complementing her confident pose.

Her choice of jewellery, featuring a choker and bracelets, echoes the vibrant mix of luxury and youthfulness. The green gemstones on her neckpiece match the skirt’s vivid hue, creating a cohesive and striking look. The subtle balance between the outfit’s elements reflects a keen eye for fashion, likely curated by a stylist with a vision for modern, edgy looks.

The creative team included photographer Samal Bandara and makeup artist The Blushing.noir, plays a significant role in bringing Hana’s look to life. The warm, gradient background amplifies the outfit’s colours, while the makeup enhances her features with a natural palette, allowing the ensemble to take centre stage. The hair, styled by LIYO, with streaks of green, adds an extra layer of personality to Hana’s already vibrant image.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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