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Sri Lankan Model Ishu Kavindi’s Beachside Elegance | Trendceylon

Captured by Jaanu Munasinghe, Ishu Kavindi Gammacharige graces the shore in a breezy white outfit, embodying coastal serenity.

Ishu Kavindi Gammacharige, a vision in white, complements the tranquil blues of the ocean. Her tiered white skirt, paired with a knotted crop top, marries simplicity with a touch of playfulness, ideal for a beach setting. The lightweight fabric dances with the sea breeze, adding a dynamic quality to the serene backdrop.

Jaanu Munasinghe’s photography skillfully balances the natural light and the pristine white of Ishu’s attire, creating a soft yet striking visual narrative. His lens captures the gracefulness of Ishu’s movements and the candid moments of her seaside stroll.

Makeup by Salon Trend Ishari Witharana and the costume design by Anasuya ClosetSahelianasuya play pivotal roles in achieving this effortlessly chic look. The minimalistic makeup accentuates Ishu’s features, while the outfit’s design ensures she stands out against the vast canvas of sea and sky.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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