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Smrxthi’s Stunning Black Outfit Photoshoot for Vurve Salon | Trendceylon

Check out the hot and stunning photos of Indian Tamil model Smrithi, aka smrxthi on Instagram, in a black outfit for Vurve Salon.

Smrithi, popularly known as smrxthi on Instagram, recently did a stunning photoshoot for Vurve Salon, and the results are breathtaking. Shot by the talented Prachu Prashanth, the photoshoot captures Smrithi’s beauty in a black outfit.

The talented team at Illusion did the creative direction, styling, curation, and art. They brought out the best in Smrithi and made her look gorgeous in every shot. The makeup was done by Jessy Shimphrui, who did an outstanding job of highlighting Smrithi’s features. The hair was done by Divs Mahali, who added the perfect finishing touches to the overall look.

The jewelry for the shoot was provided by Fine Shine Jewels, which added to the elegance and beauty of the photos. The photography team consisting of Ikrios Gokul, Av Gokul Sri, and Huggy Photography did an excellent job capturing the shoot’s essence.

The photoshoot took place in a beautiful location, which added to the overall aesthetic of the pictures. Smrithi looked stunning in the black outfit and posed like a true professional in front of the camera. Her confidence and beauty shone through in every shot.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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