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Sizzling Photos of Sri Lankan Model Sanduni Nawodhya | Trendceylon

Discover stunning images of Sanduni Nawodhya in a purple blouse and thigh-high slit skirt. Frame Art Photography captures the essence of her beauty

If you’re a fan of stunning photography and beautiful models, you’re in for a treat. Sanduni Nawodhya, the Sri Lankan model, looks absolutely gorgeous in her recent photoshoot. She’s captured wearing a purple blouse and a thigh-high slit long skirt, which perfectly accentuates her curves.

The talented team at Frame Art Photography has done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of Sanduni’s beauty. Their attention to detail and artistic vision is apparent in every shot. The photos showcase Sanduni’s natural grace and poise, making taking your eyes off her impossible.

The shoot was held at Randiya Epiliyagoda Resort, which provided the perfect backdrop for the shoot. The location’s natural beauty complements Sanduni’s stunning features and adds to the overall aesthetic of the photos. The shoot was coordinated by Udara Model Lanka, who did an excellent job of bringing everything together.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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