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Shirley Babithra Radiates in a Chic White Dress | Trendceylon

Model and influencer Shirley Babithra from Chennai stuns in a chic white slip dress, showcasing simplicity and elegance

Shirley Babithra, the Chennai fashionista, graces this photoshoot in a classic white slip dress with poise. The dress’s minimalist design, accented with delicate pearl-like buttons, complements Shirley’s poised demeanour, highlighting her natural beauty without extravagance.

The creative vision of photographer Karthikha and the subtle makeup artistry by Styl by Prathi contribute to Shirley’s luminous presence. The makeup, kept natural with a hint of gloss, accentuates her features, and the soft hairdo frames her face gently, allowing the simplicity of the dress to take centre stage.

The synergy between Shirley, the photographer, and the makeup artist is evident in the tranquil aura of the images. This collaboration has resulted in a series of stunning visuals celebrating the elegance of simplicity.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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