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Shawtysin Glows in Purple Saree and Red Accents | Trendceylon

American Tamil creator Shawtysin radiates elegance in a purple saree with red accents, complemented by traditional jewelry

American Tamil digital creator and makeup artist Shawtysin is captivated in traditional attire, wearing a rich purple saree that exudes grandeur. The saree’s dotted gold pattern adds a luxurious touch, while red accents on the border and blouse bring a vibrant contrast, showcasing her cultural pride and fashion sense.

Her choice of traditional gold jewelry adorned with red gemstones creates a statement of heritage and style. The intricate designs highlight her expertise in makeup and beauty, with each piece selected to enhance the saree’s regal appearance.

Shawtysin’s styling for this look celebrates her roots and inspiration, blending contemporary trends with timeless South Asian fashion. Her ensemble’s mix of colors and textures stands as a testament to her creative spirit and identity.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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