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Shalini’s empowering divorce photoshoot: A turning point | Trendceylon

TV actress Shalini, known for her role in Mulluma Malarum, announced her divorce with a powerful photoshoot. Read on for more.

Shalini, the popular Tamil TV actress, recently announced her divorce with a stunning photoshoot that has taken the internet by storm. Known for her roles in Mulluma Malarum and Valli Thirumanam, Shalini shared a powerful message with her followers, encouraging women to take control of their lives and never settle for less.

In her post, Shalini shared a gorgeous photo of herself, taken by Iris Photography, wearing a stunning outfit by Dharani and makeup by Andrea. In the caption, she spoke candidly about her decision to leave her marriage, emphasizing that divorce is not a failure but a turning point.

The actress shared her experiences of physical and mental abuse by her former husband, Riaz, which led to the divorce. She also urged women who feel voiceless to take the necessary steps to create a better future for themselves and their children.

Shalini’s photoshoot has been widely celebrated on social media, with many netizens applauding her for taking a stand and inspiring other women to do the same. Her message resonates with the latest judgment passed by the Supreme Court about divorce, which has sparked an uproar on social media.

The photoshoot is a stunning example of empowerment and resilience, and it serves as a reminder that it takes a lot of courage to leave a marriage and stand alone. Shalini’s words and actions have inspired many women to take control of their lives, and her photoshoot is a testament to the fact that divorce is not a failure but a turning point.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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