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Sakshi Agarwal Dazzles in Embellished Gown for Photoshoot | Trendceylon

Tamil actress Sakshi Agarwal stuns in a detailed pink gown and traditional jewelry in a recent shoot, showcasing India’s rich fashion

The Tamil cinema star Sakshi Agarwal recently graced a photoshoot in an exquisitely embellished pink gown. Her outfit, designed by the noted label, featured intricate beadwork and sequins, adding a luxurious shimmer with each movement. The traditional choli cut top paired with a voluminous skirt spoke volumes of Indian craftsmanship and attention to detail in high-end fashion design.

Complementing the gown, Sakshi adorned herself with statement pieces from a well-renowned jeweler. The heirloom-quality necklace, heavy chandelier earrings, and stacked bangles were not only symbols of opulence but also a nod to the cultural heritage. The choice of jewelry did not overshadow but elevated the entire ensemble, striking a balance between modern glam and timeless elegance.

The creative forces behind the shoot, including the makeup and hair team, ensured Sakshi’s look was cohesive and camera-ready. The makeup artist’s work accentuated her features while remaining true to her natural beauty, and the hairstylist created a regal and approachable look. Prashun Prashanth Sridhar’s photography captured the essence of the look and the location’s ambiance, adding depth and narrative to the images. These images are used under the Fair Use policy for educational purposes and to provide commentary on the fashion and jewelry exhibited.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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