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Ruthra Amirtharethnam Glows in Floral Saree Ensemble | Trendceylon

Sri Lankan Tamil actress Ruthra Amirtharethnam graces the lens in a floral saree, highlighting her heritage with a modern twist.

Sri Lankan Tamil actress Ruthra Amirtharethnam looks absolutely radiant in a traditional saree with a contemporary floral pattern. The saree, a garment steeped in cultural significance, is given a fresh perspective with its vibrant, colourful flora against a crisp white background. The blouse, with its delicate fabric and modern cut, complements the saree’s classic draping style, allowing Ruthra to honour her heritage while embracing modern fashion trends.

The saree’s borders are tinged with shades of pink and gold, adding a subtle shimmer that catches the light and brings a touch of sparkle to the ensemble. This careful attention to detail is a hallmark of craftsmanship, showcasing the skilful blend of colour and texture that elevates traditional attire to a piece of art. Her choice of accessories, including bangles that match the saree’s colour palette and the understated yet elegant earrings, work together to create a look that is both sophisticated and culturally rich.

The photography by Studio DG captures Ruthra’s elegance amidst a natural backdrop, which contrasts with the saree’s intricate design, making her the centrepiece of the composition. The soft, diffused lighting enhances the saree’s colours and Ruthra’s natural beauty, reflecting the photographer’s expertise in portrait photography. Each aspect of the photograph, from the angle to the focus, has been thoughtfully curated to celebrate the actress’s portrayal of the timeless beauty of Sri Lankan fashion.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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