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Reshma Venkatesh in a Vibrant Orange Saree | Trendceylon

VJ turned actress Reshma Venkatesh dazzles in an orange saree, embodying traditional charm with a modern twist from India

Reshma Venkatesh, a versatile talent from India, known for her dynamic presence as a VJ and her captivating performances in web series, stuns in a vibrant orange saree. The saree’s rich, warm hue echoes the joyful spirit she carries, while the simple yet sophisticated draping showcases her natural grace.

Adorned with minimalistic jewellery, Reshma perfectly balances the saree’s statement colour with understated elegance. Her accessories—delicate earrings and bangles—add the right sparkle, enhancing her ensemble without overpowering it.

Her love for the arts, including dancing and singing, is subtly reflected in the playful sway of her saree and the joyful expression she wears. This photoshoot captures Reshma’s style and the essence of her spirited personality.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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