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Poojani Bhagya Shines in Pastel Pink Gown, Sri Lankan Charm | Trendceylon

Actress Poojani Bhagya embodies grace in a delicate pastel pink gown by Malith Hettihewa Bridal House, captured beautifully by Bhumi Wickramasinghe

Poojani Bhagya, the Sri Lankan actress, appears ethereal in a pastel pink gown that whispers elegance. The soft tulle and gentle wrap of the fabric highlight her poise, offering a romantic and dignified look. Bhumi Wickramasinghe’s photography captures the subtle glow of the makeup from Malith Hettihewa Bridal House, adding a touch of serenity to the visual narrative.

The makeup, also credited to Malith Hettihewa Bridal House, complements the gown’s hue with natural tones, accentuating Poojani’s features without overpowering them. The harmony between the makeup and the outfit’s color palette creates a cohesive and stunning aesthetic that will inspire fashion enthusiasts.

Bhumi Wickramasinghe’s lens artfully frames the actress, making the most of natural light to give the photographs a soft, dreamlike quality. The attention to detail in lighting and composition turns these images into more than just photographs; they are a testament to the artistry behind the camera.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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