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Piumi Nisansala’s Stunning Birthday Photoshoot in Black Top and Floral Skirt | Trendceylon

Join us in celebrating Piumi Nisansala’s birthday with an enchanting photoshoot showcasing her style in a black top and floral skirt.

Today, we gather to commemorate the birthday of the talented Sri Lankan influencer and fashion model Piumi Nisansala. Piumi collaborated with the renowned photographer Uditha Umesh and Studio Momentzz PVT LTD to mark this special occasion to capture some breathtaking moments. The result? A mesmerizing birthday photoshoot that truly highlights Piumi’s elegance and style.

Piumi shines in a black top paired with a stunning floral skirt in this captivating series of images. The combination accentuates her natural beauty and adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look. The carefully chosen ensemble perfectly complements the celebratory ambiance and showcases Piumi’s impeccable fashion sense.

Piumi entrusted her hair and makeup to the talented HMUA, Hiruni Madhushani, to complete her birthday look from Salon Hiruni & Sarees. Hiruni’s expertise brought out Piumi’s features flawlessly, emphasizing her radiant smile and enhancing her captivating eyes. The resulting combination of flawless makeup and impeccable styling truly showcases Piumi’s uniqueness and elegance, making this birthday photoshoot a visual treat for her fans.

Join us in extending warm birthday wishes to the remarkable Piumi Nisansala. May this year bring her continued success and joy in both her personal and professional endeavors? Let’s celebrate this special occasion by appreciating the artistry and talent exhibited in this remarkable photoshoot, capturing Piumi’s beauty, grace, and impeccable fashion sense. Happy birthday, Piumi Nisansala!

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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