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Model Dharani Navodya in Kandyan Bridal Elegance | Trendceylon

Sinhala model Dharani Navodya Bandara captivates in a traditional Kandyan bridal outfit, showcasing the intricate beauty of Salon Princess designs, captured by Jaanu Munasinghe

Dharani Navodya Bandara exudes the quintessential grace of a Kandyan bride in her latest photo shoot. The Salon Princess ensemble wraps her in elegance, highlighting the meticulous craftsmanship of Sri Lankan bridal wear. With every detail, from the luxurious fabric to the delicate beading, the attire is a tribute to the timeless bridal fashion of Sri Lanka.

Jaanu Munasinghe’s photography highlights Dharani’s outfit’s serene beauty against the rich cultural backdrop. The lighting and composition of each shot create a visual feast, illuminating the sparkle of her attire and the subtle yet captivating makeup that complements her look.

The jewelry, a key element of the Kandyan bride, is opulent without overshadowing. Dharani wears it with a natural ease, its golden hues echoing the richness of Sri Lankan heritage. This bridal look, complete with a bouquet that adds a burst of color, represents traditional splendor met with modern finesse.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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