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Maria Juliana Looks Stunning in Yellow Lehenga: Photos | Trendceylon

Check out the stunning photos of Maria Juliana aka Julie in a yellow lehenga. Browse through our gallery to see her in all her glory.

Maria Juliana, also known as Julie, recently donned a beautiful yellow lehenga that left us all stunned. The stunning model looked like a ray of sunshine in bright yellow attire. The talented Dhamini Stylist Artistry did her makeup and hair, which perfectly complemented the lehenga with a subtle yet bold look.

The costume was from Uttara Trulyurs, and the jewelry was from Gold Copy1486. The talented photographer Sathish Photography49 captured the stunning photos of Julie, showcasing her beauty and elegance.

We’ve curated a gallery of the best shots of Julie in her yellow lehenga. Browse through the photos and witness her charm and grace in all her glory.

Yellow is a color that can be a bit tricky to pull off, but Maria Juliana nailed it effortlessly. Her poise, elegance, and beauty shone through in every photo, making her the center of attention.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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