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Maiya Sagoo’s Elegant Bridgerton-Inspired Diwali Photoshoot | Trendceylon

Dive into the captivating Diwali photoshoot of English model Maiya Sagoo, blending Bridgerton elegance with traditional Indian attire.

English model Maiya Sagoo has recently captivated audiences with a stunning photoshoot perfectly timed for Diwali celebrations. This photoshoot, featuring Sagoo in a mesmerizing blend of traditional Indian and Bridgerton-inspired fashion, showcases not only her versatility as a model but also the beautiful amalgamation of different cultural elements. The contemporary-styled lehenga, adorned with traditional motifs, symbolizes a fusion of cultures reminiscent of the vibrant and diverse beauty of England and India.

In these stills, Maiya Sagoo’s grace and poise are evident. Her hairstyle, loose waves that add volume and elegance, complements the intricate design of her outfit by @MeerabyPoornimaSharma, capturing the essence of both Bridgerton’s regal aesthetics and Indian tradition. The traditional Indian jewellery, including bangles and earrings, enhances her regal appearance, resonating with the festive spirit of Diwali. Each pose she strikes is a testament to her confidence and grace, qualities that define her profession and add depth to the photographs by @ks.creative_photography.

Sagoo’s serene and composed expressions in the photos, styled by @poornima_23, reflect the elegance and sophistication of her profession. The photoshoot, a beautiful blend of cultural themes, is a reminder of the beauty and diversity in the world of fashion and modelling. The imagery, though used for informational purposes under fair use, captures the essence of Diwali—a celebration of light and the elegant blend of traditions that Maiya Sagoo embodies.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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