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Lavanya Pandiya in Maroon Green Traditional Saree | Trendceylon

Digital creator Lavanya Pandiya radiates in a maroon and green saree, her look perfected by Minal Nath’s makeup artistry.

Lavanya Pandiya, a digital creator known for her fashion and lifestyle influence, is a picture of classic beauty in a maroon and green traditional saree. The rich colours of the saree from F2F Designer Boutique reflect the deep cultural heritage of Indian attire, while the green accents provide a refreshing contrast. This saree represents the country’s love for vibrant and meaningful colours in traditional wear.

Her makeup, done by Minal Nath, accentuates her features with a natural palette, enhancing her elegance without overshadowing the saree’s grandeur. The hairdo by Lakshmi complements the overall aesthetic, giving Lavanya a polished and refined appearance. The intricate and traditional jewellery adds to the authenticity of the look, embodying the richness of Indian craftsmanship.

Photographer R Prasana Venkatesh captures Lavanya against the warm glow of candlelight, which adds an ethereal quality to the images. The setting, provided by Studio Central Chennai, with its opulent decor, further enriches the ambience, making Lavanya not just a model in a photoshoot but a representation of timeless Indian beauty.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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