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Kawya Idammudalige Enchants in Summer Print Dress | Trendceylon

Digital creator Kawya Idammudalige dazzles in a vibrant summer dress, with makeup by DulanjiMuditha and Saj Artz Photography capturing the mood

In a serene setting, Sri Lankan digital creator Kawya Idammudalige showcases the essence of summer style. Her choice of a blue printed dress with intricate patterns is both playful and fashionable, perfect for the season. The dress’s sleeveless design and short hemline offer a relaxed yet chic look, ideal for a warm, breezy day.

The talented DulanjiMuditha has done a remarkable job with the makeup, highlighting Kawya’s natural beauty and complementing the vivid colours of her attire. The soft, wavy hair adds a touch of elegance, framing her face beautifully and emphasizing her poised yet approachable demeanour.

Sajath Lakshitha Perera of Saj Artz Photography has captured these moments with a keen eye for detail, utilizing natural light to enhance the warm tones of the dress and the surrounding greenery. The result is a collection of images that not only showcase Kawya’s fashion sense but also the relaxed vibe of a perfect summer day.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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