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Kannada Actress Viranika Shetty Sizzles in Light Green Frock | Trendceylon

See the stunning photos of Viranika Shetty in a light green frock. The Kannada actress looks sizzling in these images

With her talent and stunning looks, Kannada actress Viranika Shetty has been making waves in the industry. Recently, the actress donned a light green frock for a photoshoot, and the results were simply breathtaking.

In the photos, Viranika Shetty looks gorgeous. Her light green frock hugs her curves perfectly, accentuating her figure. She looks radiant and confident, with her hair styled in soft curls that frame her face.

The images were captured with actress Nisha Milanaa’s favorite team during a quick shoot. Rashmi Makeover Artistry did the makeup for the shoot, and Arunkummar Portraits shot the images. The entire team did an amazing job of capturing Viranika Shetty’s beauty.

Viranika Shetty is a talented actress who has worked on several projects, including Chituyuvakarasangha, Dharmam, Gangster Allaprankster, and Chorbazar. She has always impressed audiences with her performances and her stunning looks.

If you’re a fan of Viranika Shetty, then you’ll want to check out these photos. They showcase her beauty and her talent in a truly breathtaking way. So, what are you waiting for? Look at the gallery and see just how stunning she looks in that light green frock.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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