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Kalyanam Kamaneeyam: Santosh & Priya’s Timeless Love in Photos | Trendceylon

Explore the romantic world of Kalyanam Kamaneeyam with Santosh Shoban and Priya Bhavani Shankar’s enchanting stills.

Dive into the heartwarming romance of “Kalyanam Kamaneeyam,” the 2023 Telugu-language gem that captures the essence of love and laughter. Directed by Anil Kumar Aalla, this family drama stars the charismatic Santosh Shoban alongside the radiant Priya Bhavani Shankar in her Telugu debut. Together, they bring to life a story brimming with affection and humor.

The film’s stills are a nostalgic journey through throwback romance and classic crushes, evoking a retro charm with every glance. These images showcase the pair’s classic chemistry, from tender moments of love rewind to the subtle allure of a shared glance. It’s a visual feast that celebrates the simplicity and depth of their on-screen bond, complete with glimpses of cleavage and navel that add a touch of tasteful sensuality.

Released in January 2023 and now streaming on Aha, “Kalyanam Kamaneeyam” has enchanted audiences with its blend of comedy and romance. These photos, used for news purposes, offer a sneak peek into the film’s heart and soul, inviting viewers to relive the magic and whimsy of this charming love story.

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