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Indian Model Hephzibah Solomon Shines in Vibrant Green Saree by the Sea | Trendceylon

Hephzibah Solomon, multi-faceted anesthetist and model, mesmerizes in a sea green saree against the Chennai shores, embodying the city’s coastal charm.

Against the serene backdrop of Chennai’s coastline, Hephzibah Solomon stands out like a breath of fresh air in her sea-green saree. The monochromatic color palette of the saree is reminiscent of the tranquil sea waves, and the breezy fabric captures the essence of the wind in its folds. This simple yet striking ensemble perfectly balances elegance with freedom and ease.

Hephzibah’s minimalistic approach to accessories lets the saree be the show’s star. Her choice of subtle makeup with a pop of color on the lips adds a playful touch to the look. Her casual, undone hairdo flows with the seaside winds, adding to the candidness of the shoot.

Captured beautifully by Swetha Photography, the images highlight the natural grace and confidence of Hephzibah and the natural beauty of Chennai’s coastal landscape. Whether Hephzibah is looking introspective or joyous, each pose feels natural and unforced, much like the waves that undoubtedly played background music to this photoshoot.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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