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Indian Instagram Influencer Aswathi S (ponnu.ash) Radiates in Green Silk Blouse | Trendceylon

Indian Instagram influencer Aswathi S, also known as ponnu.ash, shines in a stunning green silk blouse. This vibrant look is perfect for festive celebrations.

In this captivating photoshoot, Indian Instagram influencer Aswathi S, popularly known as ponnu.ash, looks radiant in a shimmering green silk blouse. The intricate patterns and vibrant color highlight her natural beauty, making the outfit perfect for festive occasions. The blouse’s rich texture adds a touch of luxury, while the subtle gold jewelry enhances the overall elegance of her look.

The expert photography captures Aswathi’s confident and poised demeanor, accentuating the timeless beauty of traditional attire with a modern twist. Her makeup is kept minimal yet effective, with bold eyeliner and soft lip color, making her eyes pop and complementing the lush green of the blouse. This ensemble is a fantastic inspiration for anyone looking to embrace traditional fashion with a contemporary flair.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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