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Indian Artist Jovika Vijaykumar Charms in Red and Green Sundress | Trendceylon

Jovika Vijaykumar, an Indian artist, stuns in a vibrant red and green sundress by the serene Lagoon De Pondy, styled by Vanitha Vijaykumar.

Jovika Vijaykumar, with her multi-faceted artistry, graces the serene backdrop of Lagoon De Pondy Resort in a stunning red and green sundress. The dress’s bright colours and intricate patterns harmonize with the natural surroundings, reflecting India’s rich textile heritage. The dress’s cinched waist and flared skirt offer a playful yet elegant silhouette that captures the lightness of a breezy day.

Accessorizing with green drop earrings, Jovika complements the dress’s colour palette, adding just the right touch of sophistication. Her hair, styled in loose waves by LK Makeup Trainer, cascades over her shoulders, bringing a casual yet refined look to the ensemble.

The talent behind the camera, @jeevaveera, captures the essence of Jovika’s style against the idyllic landscape, while the styling director, Vanitha Vijaykumar, ensures every detail contributes to the visual symphony. The partnership with The Lash Luxury Salon is evident in her hair and makeup’s polished yet effortless appearance.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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