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Indian Actress Nikkii Galrani Dazzles in Onam Attire | Trendceylon

Nikkii Galrani, the Indian actress, celebrates Onam in a traditional Kerala saree, bringing timeless elegance to the festive season

Nikkii Galrani, known for her roles across Tamil and Malayalam cinema, is captured here in the essence of the Onam celebration. Draped in a Kerala saree, also known as ‘Kasavu’, she brings out the charm of Indian traditions. With its signature cream hue and golden border, the saree blends simplicity with grandeur. Nikkii’s look is accessorized with gold jewellery that complements the festive vibe.

The styling, by Joe Elize Joy, strikes a balance between understated grace and ceremonial opulence. Each element, from the bangles to the necklace, has been chosen to echo the festive spirit of Onam. The makeup, expertly applied by Jaan Moni Das, enhances Nikkii’s features with a natural palette, while her hair, adorned with jasmine flowers, adds a fragrant touch of purity.

The images, skillfully shot by Hari Kumar, capture Onam’s warm and welcoming atmosphere. They showcase not just a celebrity in festive attire but the rich cultural tapestry of Kerala. The collaboration of creative minds, from the stylist to the photographer, culminates in this beautiful portrayal of tradition and fashion.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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