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Hot Photoshoot: Sanjana Burli in Purple Lehenga | Trendceylon

Check out stunning images of Kannada actress Sanjana Burli in a rich purple lehenga. Shot by @arunkummar_photography & @arunkummar_portraits.

Kannada Actress Sanjana Burli is known for her stunning looks and impeccable acting skills. Recently, she posed for a hot photoshoot wearing a rich purple lehenga, and the images are breathtaking.

Shot by the talented photographers @arunkummar_photography & @arunkummar_portraits, the photos showcase Sanjana’s beauty and elegance. Her infectious smile and stunning makeup, done by @makeup_by_bhavyagowda, compliment her traditional attire perfectly.

Sanjana looks like a true princess in the purple lehenga, with intricate details and embellishments that add to the charm of the outfit. The color is regal and stunning, and Sanjana wears it with grace and poise.

Fans of the actress are sure to love the photoshoot and the gallery of images that come with it. Sanjana Burli is a true beauty; this photoshoot is a testament to her undeniable talent and charm.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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