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Hot Indian Model Abinaya Manoharan Stuns in Sleek Dress | Trendceylon

Check out photos and images of Abinaya Manoharan’s e-commerce shoot, featuring a beautiful makeover and stunning retouching work.

Indian model Abinaya Manoharan is turning heads in her latest e-commerce shoot. Wearing a sleek, sleeveless knee-length dress, Abinaya shows off her deadly curves in stunning photos and images captured by photographer Selva Showreel.

Not only is Abinaya a natural in front of the camera, but the makeup artistry of Kavitha Artistry further enhanced her beauty. The result is a gorgeous gallery of images showcasing Abinaya’s natural beauty and fierce confidence.

The final touch was added by retoucher Thejan, who brought out the best in every photo with stunning retouching work. With the help of this talented team, Abinaya’s e-commerce shoot is one for the books.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next fashion shoot, check out the stunning images of Abinaya Manoharan in her sleek dress. Her beauty, confidence, and natural poise are sure to impress.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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