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Esther Anil’s Ethereal Appeal in Traditional Attire | Trendceylon

Esther Anil captivates in a traditional skirt-blouse set, an ethereal vision amidst the floral backdrop, styled by Amritha Lakshmi.

Esther Anil, a familiar face in Malayalam cinema, graces the lens with her presence, exuding a natural elegance in a traditional skirt and blouse set. The earthy tones of her outfit contrast beautifully against the lush greenery and vibrant red flowers, creating a serene, almost painting-like image. Her poised stance and contemplative gaze add depth to the already rich visuals.

The careful selection of accessories from Goodwill Collections Kerala and Beadsart Hairvine, complements the attire without overwhelming it. The golden ear cuff is particularly striking, adding a touch of royalty to the ensemble. The accessories’ traditional design pays homage to Kerala’s rich cultural heritage.

Merin Georg’s photography captures this tableau with a keen eye for colour and composition, framed perfectly against the backdrop of Kondai Lip Resort. Sreegesh Vasan’s makeup and hair styling enhance Esther’s features with finesse, ensuring the overall look is cohesive and elegant.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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