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Dharsha Gupta Radiates in Casual Olive Green Attire | Trendceylon

Tamil actress Dharsha Gupta captivates in olive green, reflecting her relaxed yet stylish persona, showcasing her Star Vijay charm

Indian actress Dharsha Gupta, noted for her work in Tamil television and her breakout role on Star Vijay’s ‘Cooku with Comali’, exudes simplicity and style here. Her choice of a casual olive green crop top paired with matching pants is a testament to her effortlessly chic fashion sense.

Her attire is perfect for a laid-back day, reflecting a comfort-first approach while not compromising on style. The snug fit of the crop top highlights her form, and the wrap detail adds an edgy touch to the ensemble.

The soft, natural lighting and the contemplative poses capture Dharsha’s introspective side, offering a glimpse into the off-screen personality of this beloved TV star.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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