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Athulyaa Ravi’s Dazzling Diamond Shoot for Avira Diamonds | Trendceylon

Athulyaa Ravi glimmers in Studio149’s creations, her detailed shoot for Avira Diamonds capturing the serene beauty of the actress, with makeup by Vijisha Rath and photography by Prachu Prashanth

Athulyaa Ravi, an esteemed actress, is a vision of serenity and grace in this detailed photoshoot for Avira Diamonds. Draped in the exquisite creations of Studio149, she exudes a soft yet commanding presence. The outfit, adorned with intricate beading and delicate embroidery, reflects a celestial charm, making her look like she has stepped out of a dream.

The jewelry, a symphony of diamonds and emeralds, accentuates her poise and complements the outfit’s palette. The makeup and hair, done by Vijisha Rath, enhance Athulyaa’s features with subtlety and sophistication, aligning perfectly with the shoot’s aesthetic.

Shot by Prachu Prashanth against the artistic backdrops from Mizu Backdrops, each image is a celebration of Athulyaa’s natural elegance. The photographs, while capturing the glimmer of diamonds, also capture the ethereal glow of an actress who carries her roles with as much finesse as her attire.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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