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Asvini Uthayakumar Stuns in Blue Pattu Saree | Trendceylon

Australian entrepreneur Asvini Uthayakumar stuns in a blue Pattu saree, styled with exquisite jewels from Sahara Gems

Asvini Uthayakumar, a prominent Australian digital creator and entrepreneur, showcases the splendor of Indian fashion in a radiant blue Pattu saree. The luxurious fabric, provided by Thirumanam Melbourne, highlights a rich cultural heritage through its vibrant color and traditional design.

Complementing the saree’s deep blue hue, Asvini chose subtle yet striking jewelry from Sahara Gems, which brings an additional layer of sophistication to her look. The custom-tailored blouse from Subash accentuates the outfit with a perfect fit, enhancing the overall grace and elegance.

Asvini’s self-styled makeup and hairdo resonate with the saree’s statement of timeless beauty, blending modern chic with classical style. This ensemble is not just a fashion statement but also a tribute to her roots and the multicultural vibrancy of Sydney.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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