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Asal Kolaar’s Bold Statement in Olive: A Sartorial Review | Trendceylon

Indian Tamil rapper Asal Kolaar commands attention in an olive fur jacket, infusing his distinct style into the rap scene with a touch of luxury.

Asal Kolaar, a notable figure in the Indian Tamil music scene, is known for his unique lyrical flow and his standout fashion sense. In this photoshoot, he sports an olive green fur jacket that adds an air of opulence to his rapper persona. The jacket’s texture contrasts with the sleek, dark tones of his underlying attire, creating a layered look that’s both luxurious and street-smart.

Accentuating his outfit are gold jewelry pieces—a chunky ring and a long chain—that resonate with his artistic flair. These elements are not mere adornments but symbols of his success and personal style in the highly competitive rap world. The choice of accessories reflects confidence and a non-verbal assertion of his place in the music industry.

The photography by Prachu Prashanth captures Asal Kolaar’s essence, blending his bold fashion choices with an equally compelling backdrop. The rich red tones of the background amplify the jacket’s plush green, making the artist stand out. It visually represents his music’s vibrant, unexpected, and unapologetically original impact.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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