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Anushki & Kanushki Twin in Graceful H&H Bridal Dresses | Trendceylon

Twin sisters Anushki & Kanushki, Sri Lankan dancers and digital creators, stun in coordinated H&H Bridal Dresses, captured by Bhumi Wickramasinghe.

Anushki and Kanushki, renowned Sri Lankan dancers and digital creators, exemplify elegance and harmony in a recent photoshoot. Their coordinated dresses by H&H Bridal Dresses feature a striking balance of maroon and white, reflecting their unity and individuality. The rich in color and depth maroon dress complements the airy, ethereal white dress, creating a visual narrative of their bond.

The hair and makeup by Malith Hettihewa Bridal House enhance their natural beauty with subtle touches that elevate their overall look. Bhumi Wickramasinghe’s photography captures the sisters in a serene setting, using a minimalist backdrop and natural elements to emphasize their presence and the exquisite details of their dresses.

These images not only showcase their fashion sense but also their artistic personas as dancers and creators. The sisters’ poise and the sophistication of their outfits by H&H Bridal Dresses reflect the contemporary flair of Sri Lankan bridal wear.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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