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Anusha Ranasinghe Stuns at Raigam Tele’es in Black Saree | Trendceylon

At the Raigam Tele’es, journalist Anusha Ranasinghe captivates in a black saree by Gagana De Silva, showcasing timeless elegance and grace.

Anusha Ranasinghe, a respected Sri Lankan journalist, presents a vision of sophistication at the Raigam Tele’es Awards 2022. Her attire, a black saree with lace detailing, is the work of Gagana De Silva, whose talent for combining traditional motifs with contemporary style shines through. The saree’s bodice glitters with embellishments that capture the light, hinting at the celebratory nature of the event. It’s a design that respects the saree’s cultural significance while boldly presenting modernity.

The saree is paired with hair and makeup by Gagana De Silva, striking a balance between boldness and classic beauty. Anusha’s hair is styled to complement the saree’s lines, and the makeup accentuates her natural features without overwhelming. As captured by Bhumi Wickramasinghe Photography, her confident pose and the natural backdrop of the Shangri-La Colombo add a serene yet powerful aura to the overall look.

Anusha’s choice of minimal jewelry allows the saree’s intricate design to take center stage, demonstrating an understanding that sometimes less is more. The ensemble is a lesson in the power of subtlety and the importance of letting one statement piece shine. The photography further reinforces this, with natural lighting and a soft focus that puts all eyes on Anusha and her stunning saree.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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