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Anukreethy Vas’s Alluring Black Ensemble: A Glamour Analysis | Trendceylon

Indian actress Anukreethy Vas captivates in a chic black outfit, her ensemble styled to perfection for a stunning visual impact, shot by Prachu Prashanth.

Anukreethy Vas, an Indian actress, stands out with elegance in a sophisticated black outfit that speaks volumes about her fashion sensibilities. The attire, a blend of modern and classic elements, features a cropped black jacket with puffed sleeves paired with high-waisted trousers. This combination strikes a balance between edgy and classy, suitable for a variety of occasions.

The gold jewelry from Aishr Jewelry adds a luxurious touch to the otherwise monochrome palette. The pieces are not just accessories but integral elements that elevate her overall look. The statement necklace and layered rings introduce a regal essence, while the zipper detail of the jacket adds a contemporary twist.

The makeup by Sangeetha Makeover Artistry enhances Anukreethy’s natural beauty with subtle yet impactful touches that complement her attire. Styled by Karthika Swin, the ensemble showcases the collaborative effort of the team, resulting in a look that’s both cohesive and striking against the vibrant red backdrop.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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