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Anju Kurian Glows in Vibrant Yellow Fringe Dress | Trendceylon

Anju Kurian’s delightful yellow fringe dress radiates joy in her latest photoshoot. The Indian actress is a vision of vibrancy and charm.

In a striking display of colour and texture, Indian actress Anju Kurian lights up the room in her vibrant yellow fringe dress from Devraagh. The dress itself is a playful nod to the flapper era, with its spirited fringes that add a sense of movement and fun to the photoshoot. This energetic choice showcases Anju’s dynamic personality and her willingness to embrace bold fashion statements.

The styling by Arundev is spot on, with the choice of orange heels that introduce a complementary contrast to the yellow dress. It’s a harmonious blend of warm colours that speaks to the stylist’s eye for colour theory and its impact on fashion photography. Jo, the makeup artist, crafts a look that mirrors the dress’s vivacity, with a fresh-faced glow and a soft, smoky eye that draws attention to Anju’s expressive gaze.

Captured by the talented Jibin of Plan B Actions, the photography and post-production work create an inviting atmosphere that echoes the dress’s exuberance. The pink backdrop serves to both highlight the dress’s bright colour and to frame Anju’s playful demeanour, completing a photoshoot that’s as cheerful as it is chic.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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