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Anicka Vikraman in Kerala’s Classic White and Gold Attire | Trendceylon

Actress Anicka Vikraman enchants in Kerala’s traditional white and gold attire, reflecting the serene beauty of her South Indian heritage.

Anicka Vikraman showcases the quintessential Kerala traditional attire with grace and elegance. The classic combination of white and gold symbolizes purity and prosperity, integral to the region’s culture. The off-white hue of her saree, paired with the vibrant gold, captures the simplistic beauty that Kerala is known for. This attire, often called ‘Kasavu’, holds a cherished place in the wardrobes of the locals and is a favoured choice for festivals and celebrations.

The jewellery worn by Anicka is meticulously selected to honour the customary designs. The gold necklace with a prominent pendant, bangles, and waist belt (known as ‘Oddiyanam’) is crafted following age-old traditions, serving as a testament to the rich jewellery-making heritage of Kerala. These pieces accentuate her attire and keep the cultural narratives alive.

Every element of Anicka’s appearance in these photos is a tribute to the artisans who have preserved the Kerala attire and jewellery traditions. From the weavers of the saree to the goldsmiths and from the makeup artist to the photographer, each has contributed to showcasing a slice of Kerala’s culture. Mijo George’s photography captures Anicka in natural settings, reminiscent of Kerala’s tranquil backwaters and lush landscapes, further rooting the photoshoot in the state’s scenic beauty.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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