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Anagha Babu in Monsoon Magic: Saree Glamour Shoot | Trendceylon

Indian digital creator Anagha Babu enchants in a grey saree, blending tradition with monsoon moods, captured by photographer Harikumar K D

Anagha Babu, a talent from Kerala’s vibrant cultural scene, mesmerizes in a photoshoot that captures the essence of the monsoon. Draped in a slate grey saree paired with a crimson blouse, she represents the fusion of traditional elegance and natural beauty. The saree’s flow mirrors the fluidity of rain, while the blouse adds a vibrant contrast reminiscent of the colourful Malayalam heritage.

The jewellery chosen for the shoot is understated yet impactful, perfectly in tune with the subtle tones of the saree. Each piece complements Anagha’s attire, adding a touch of sparkle without overwhelming the simplicity of the look. Harikumar K D’s photography skillfully highlights the harmony between Anagha’s attire and the monsoon’s palette, capturing candid moments that feel as refreshing as the rain.

Behind every photo is a tale of collaboration. This shoot is no exception, with the synergy between Anagha Babu’s poise, the stylist’s vision, and the photographer’s eye culminating in a serene narrative that speaks volumes of the monsoon’s influence on fashion. It’s a celebration of how traditional wear, like the saree, can tell new stories when set against the poetic backdrop of Kerala’s rains.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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