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Agasi Dewni Charms in Elegant White Saree | Trendceylon

Agasi Dewni, dancer and TV host, is a vision in a white saree from Omi Bridal House. Her look, captured by Bhumi Wickramasinghe, is a blend of tradition and modern style

In a striking photoshoot, Agasi Dewni showcases the timeless beauty of a traditional saree with a contemporary edge. The white saree from Omi Bridal House is meticulously detailed with lace, adding a layer of modern sophistication to the classic garment. The saree’s fabric cascades gracefully, reflecting a sense of elegance and purity, which is beautifully captured by Bhumi Wickramasinghe’s photography.

Her makeup, done by Malith Hettihewa Bridal House, complements the saree’s pristine white with a soft, glowing look that highlights Agasi’s natural beauty. The bold gold earrings provide a contrast that draws the eye, serving as the perfect accessory to her ensemble. This balance of delicate fabric and striking jewellery mirrors Agasi Dewni’s versatility as both a dancer and a television host.

The photoshoot captures not just a moment of fashion but also the essence of Agasi’s personality, blending her poise and grace with the saree’s flowing elegance. This ensemble is a testament to the skilful work of the designers and makeup artists, as well as Agasi’s own sense of style.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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