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Actress and TV Host Anitha Sampath’s Stunning Saree Look | Trendceylon

Indian news reader Anitha Sampath enchants in a red and gold saree, paired with intricate traditional jewelry, showcasing India’s rich textile heritage and artistry.

Anitha Sampath, renowned for her eloquence and grace on Indian television, sparkles in this photoshoot, adorned in a classic red and gold saree. This traditional attire, often a staple in Indian wardrobes, is elevated through its luxurious silk fabric and the intricate golden patterns that detail its expanse. Anitha’s choice of jewelry complements the saree’s richness: ornate gold pieces that are as much a testament to the craftsmanship of @jeyachandrangoldhouse as they are to Anitha’s impeccable taste.

The detailing in the jewelry – from the maang tikka resting on her hairline to the heavy necklace cascading down her neck – draws inspiration from Indian heritage, each piece a narrative of history and culture. Combined with the expert makeup and hair by @mahi_hairdo and @mystylemakeover_studio, these ornaments complete a look that is nothing short of regal. The makeup accentuates her features with subtlety and finesse, opting for earthy tones that echo the warmth of the saree and the gold accents in her ensemble.

Behind every successful photoshoot is a team of talented individuals, and Anitha’s look is the fruit of such collaboration. Outfits by @kavyavigneshofficial & @mylaikumaran bring together the attire that defines the shoot, while the photographers capture the essence of Anitha’s look with a keen eye for light and shadow, immortalizing the moment. The combined efforts result in a portfolio that is a display of Anitha’s beauty and a tribute to the artisans and professionals who make such moments possible.

Photo courtesy - Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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