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Vanessa Gyimah

Vanessa Gyimah (born October 13, 1993) is a Ghanaian Makeup Artist, Instagram Digital Creator and Influencer fame for her makeup videos
Birthday : October 13
Age : 31 years
Nationality : Ghanaian

Vanessa Gyimah Wiki

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► Home Town : Amsterdam, Netherlands
► Living In : Columbus, Ohio, US
► School : To be Updated
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► Who is Vanessa Gyimah?

Vanessa Gyimah, born October 13, 1993, is a Ghanaian makeup artist and digital creator. She has gained fame through her makeup videos on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Vanessa’s journey in the beauty industry began in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Her early fascination with beauty and fashion led her to explore and experiment with makeup.

A Beauty Visionary: Early Life, Education, Family

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Vanessa Gyimah’s early life was immersed in beauty and fashion. She is celebrating her birthday on October 13 and is of Ghanaian heritage, speaking both Dutch and English. Her journey into makeup artistry began with playful experiments using her mother’s makeup, nurturing her innate talent.

Crafting Beauty: Career and Achievements

Vanessa Gyimah’s career took off following her stint at MAC Cosmetics. She significantly impacted the beauty industry by collaborating with notable brands like Buzzfeed and Essence Magazine. Her “365 Look” concept, a versatile everyday makeup approach, has been featured in numerous beauty and fashion blogs. This innovative idea highlights her unique approach to beauty, catering to diverse skin tones and features.

Inspiring Confidence: Personal Life

Vanessa Gyimah, now married to Roger, continues to inspire with her personal life. Her journey is not just about beauty; it’s about empowering and embracing individuality. While specific details like OnlyFans subscription fees are not publicly available, her life story is a testament to her commitment to beauty and empowerment.

Last Updated : December 20, 2023

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