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Toby Aromolaran

Toby Aromolaran (Born March 3, 1999) is an English semi-pro footballer who became a household name after finishing as a runner-up in Love Island Season 7
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Birthday : March 3
Age : 25 years
Nationality : British

► Who is Toby Aromolaran?

Toby Aromolaran is a name that resonates with fans of reality TV and football alike. Born on March 3, 1999, Toby emerged as a charming figure on the seventh season of the revived series Love Island and also boasts of a remarkable semi-professional football career. With a Pisces star sign, Toby’s birthplace is England, and he hails from Essex.

Toby’s Early Life, Education, Family

From Football Fields to Television Screens

Toby’s passion for football was evident from an early age. At just six years old, Toby’s feet were already dancing with the ball, and he showed signs of a promising footballer. He grew up in the picturesque town of Essex, England, which became the backdrop for his early football adventures. As he navigated his way through childhood, football remained his faithful companion.

An Educational Pursuit

While detailed records of his educational background await updates, it’s known that Toby’s love for football followed him through his years at Loughborough University. Here, he not only pursued academic growth but also honed his football skills, leaving an indelible mark on the university’s football history.

Family and Love Ties

Venturing into Love Island, Toby experienced the roller coaster of love, dating fellow islanders Chloe Burrows and Abigail Rawlings. However, by the end of the show, Chloe won his heart, and the two have been inseparable ever since, building a love story that captivated audiences across the globe.

Career and Achievement

Rising Football Star

Toby’s football career is nothing short of commendable. With a height of 1M80, he showcased his prowess as a forward. His football journey has seen him play for notable clubs like Tilbury, Witham Town, Coalville Town, and Loughborough University. However, his association with Hashtag United FC stands out, especially during the 2020-21 season when he scored crucial goals in the team’s FA Cup appearances.

From Football to Reality TV

Transitioning from football fields to the dramatic realm of reality TV, Toby’s stint in Love Island was unexpected yet thoroughly entertaining. Entering the Love Island villa on Day 1, he embarked on a journey of love, drama, and unexpected alliances. By Day 58, Toby, alongside Chloe Burrows, clinched the runner-up position, making it an unforgettable season.

The Ever-Expanding Horizon

Toby’s dynamic career doesn’t end with football and reality TV. Recently, he took part in the “Love Island Games” hosted by @mayajama, streaming on Peacock. With each endeavor, Toby continues to captivate his audience, ensuring that his name remains etched in their hearts.

Movies, Web Series, TV Shows Table

TitleCharacter NameRelease Year
Love Island (Season 7)Himself2021
Love Island GamesHimself2023

Social Media Popularity

The Digital Footprint

In today’s digital age, Toby’s charisma isn’t limited to television or football fields. On October 8th, 2023, Toby boasts of an impressive following: a whopping 860K on Instagram, 810K+ followers on TikTok, 22K+ YouTube subscribers, 40K+ on X, Formerly known as Twitter, and 60K+ on the newly launched Threads by Meta. Although Toby doesn’t have a Facebook account, his digital footprint is undeniably vast.

Toby’s extensive digital presence offers fans an intimate look into his life, career, and endeavors. From thrilling football matches to candid moments, Toby’s social media platforms are a treasure trove of memories and experiences, bridging the gap between the star and his admirers.

Personal Life

Toby’s life, marked by football and reality TV fame, remains grounded in his hometown of Essex, England. Apart from his professional pursuits, Toby’s relationship with Chloe Burrows adds a sweet chapter to his life story. As a semi-pro footballer, reality star, and lover, Toby’s life is a mosaic of dreams, passions, and heartwarming tales.

Last Updated : October 8, 2023

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