Nibeditaa Paal

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Birthday : October 31
Age : 29 years
Nationality : Indian

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Last Updated on : March 15, 2023

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Griffith University, Queensland

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Who is Nibeditaa Paal?

Nibeditaa Paal (Born 31 October 1994, Hindi: निबेदिता पाल) is a New Zealand born Indian actress, Social media influencer and model who stars primarily in Hindi Movies and Web series. Read below for more about Nibeditaa Paal Biography, Wikipedia, Life Story, Facts,  Details, Profile, Age, Photo Gallery, Photoshoots, Movies, Web Series, Serials, Teledramas, Television Shows, Music Videos, Hot Videos, Songs, Phone number, Address, Facebook (FB), Instagram, Tiktok, and Hot News

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Web Series

Prime Flix
Release Date | 01-Aug-2021

Nibeditaa Paal Quick Facts

✔ Nibeditaa Paal

age is 29 years old

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Celebrate Birthday on October 31
18+ Actress, Actress, Digital Creator, Instagram Star, Model, Web Series Actress
Completes Higher Education at Griffith University, Queensland