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Neha Mandal

Neha Mandal, also known as Neha Kakkar, is a versatile talent from Mumbai, known for her roles in web series and her successful dance studio KALANEM
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Nationality : Indian

► Who is Neha Mandal?

Neha Mandal, known to her admirers as Neha Kakkar, is a multi-talented personality from Mumbai, Maharashtra. She’s not only an accomplished actress but also an adept choreographer, dancer, and model. Her dynamic venture, KALANEM, has become a successful dance studio under her creative guidance. Neha’s vibrant energy and talent have earned her a substantial social media following, with 60k followers on Instagram and 30k YouTube subscribers. Follow Neha Mandal on Instagram.

A Versatile Talent: Neha’s Early Life, Education, Family

Neha Mandal’s journey, from her early days in Mumbai to her multifaceted career, remains largely personal. While specifics of her education and family background are not widely known, it’s evident that her Indian roots and fluency in Hindi have shaped her artistic journey. Her upbringing in Mumbai, a city known for its cinematic heritage, has undoubtedly influenced her diverse talents.

Spotlight on Success: Neha’s Career and Achievements

Neha Mandal’s artistic versatility shines in her acting roles on various OTT platforms, including Rabbit Movies and Hunt Cinema. Her performances in “Sanki Painter,” “Gaon Ki Malai,” and “Sainyaa Salman” have established her as a notable actress. Additionally, her roles in “Detective Lande” (2023) as Chaturain, “Sanki Painter” (2023) as Chitra, and “Jalebi Bai” (2022) as Anika showcase her range and depth. Her success extends beyond the screen to her dance studio and modeling career, where she continues to captivate audiences.

Neha Mandal: Personal Life and Aspirations

Neha Mandal leads a life full of creativity and passion in Mumbai. Currently single, she dedicates her time to her artistic pursuits and her role as the founder of KALANEM. Her involvement in animal charity work through “United with the Paws” reflects her compassionate side. Neha’s journey is an inspiring blend of acting, dancing, choreography, and entrepreneurship, making her a role model for many.

Last Updated : February 13, 2024

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Neha Mandal Wiki

► Other Name : To be Updated
► Nick Name : Neha
► Home Town : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
► Living In : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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► College : To be Updated
► Languages : Hindi
► Ethnicity : To be Updated
► Height : 160m
► Net worth : To be Updated

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