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Mokksha (Born June 22) is an Indian Actress from Kolkata, known for roles in movies like "Neethone Nenu" and "Kallanum Bhagavathiyum."
Birthday : June 22
Nationality : Indian

Mokksha  Wiki

► Other Name : Preethaa Sen Goopta, Risha
► Nick Name : To be Updated
► Home Town : Barrackpore, India
► Living In : Kolkata, India
► School : Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School – Barrackpore
► College : Ashutosh College, Kolkata

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► Who is Mokksha ?

Mokksha, an artistic beacon in the Indian film industry, was born on June 22 and hailed from Barrackpore, Kolkata. Known to her followers as @mokksha_official with a substantial following of 182K, she began her journey as a teacher at St. Augustine’s Day School. Mokksha, a.k.a Preethaa or Risha, holds a BSc in Psychology from Ashutosh College, Kolkata, and has an impressive educational background, including Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School and St. Claret School. Her Instagram reflects her passion for acting and classical dance, as well as her resilience after her last account was hacked.

Enlightening Path: Mokksha’s Early Life, Education, Family

Mokksha’s early life in Barrackpore set the stage for her diverse experiences. After completing her ICSE in 2012 at St. Claret School, she continued her education at Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School, graduating in 2014. Her pursuit of higher education led her to Ashutosh College, Kolkata, where she earned a BSc in Psychology (Hons). This foundation in psychology and her teaching experiences have undoubtedly influenced her artistic journey.

Silver Screen Luminary: Mokksha’s Career and Achievements

In her acting roles, Mokksha, also known as Pritha Sengupta, has made significant strides in her film career. Notable works include “Neethone Nenu” (2023) as Seetha, earning a 7.9 rating, and “Kallanum Bhagavathiyum” (2023), where she portrayed Bhagavathy. Her other remarkable performances include “Lucky Lakshman” (2022) as Shreya and “Rawkto Bilaap” (2022), a TV mini-series. Her earlier roles in “Shorshephool” (2021) and “Karma” (2020) showcase her versatility. Mokksha’s acting in “Filter Coffee Liquor Cha” (2019) as Rai further solidified her place in the industry.

Personal Life: The Many Facets of Mokksha

Beyond the camera, Mokksha is a classical dancer and a former teacher, revealing her multifaceted personality and commitment to art and education. Her journey from a psychology student to a teacher and now a celebrated actress illustrates her diverse talents and determination. Currently, Mokksha does not have an OnlyFans account, focusing on her acting and dance careers.

Last Updated : January 19, 2024

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