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Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor (Born December 22, 1993) is an American singer-songwriter who rose to fame with her hit "All About That Bass" and has since become a Grammy-winning artist
Birthday : December 22
Age : 30 years
Nationality : American

Meghan Trainor Wiki

► Other Name : To be Updated
► Nick Name : To be Updated
► Home Town : Nantucket, Massachusetts, U.S.
► Living In : Nantucket, Massachusetts, U.S.
► School : Nauset Regional High School
► College : To be Updated

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► Who is Meghan Trainor?

Meghan Trainor, born Meghan Elizabeth Trainor on December 22, 1993, in Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA, is a renowned American singer-songwriter and television personality. Growing up in a musically inclined family, Trainor developed a passion for music early on, learning various instruments and songwriting skills. Her breakthrough came with her chart-topping hit “All About That Bass” after signing with Epic Records in 2014. She has since released five studio albums and won a Grammy Award, among other accolades

Beginnings and Background

Meghan Trainor’s story starts in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Born to a family of jewelers, music was a significant part of her upbringing. She honed her skills in singing and songwriting from a young age with supportive parents and siblings. Trainor’s passion for music was evident as she dabbled in various instruments and genres, displaying remarkable versatility and a natural talent for music.

Chart-Topping Career

Trainor’s career took off with her first album, “Title,” featuring hits like “Lips Are Movin” and “Like I’m Gonna Lose You.” Her second album, “Thank You,” continued her success with popular singles like “No.” Trainor’s music, known for its blend of pop, R&B, and soul, often touches on themes like female empowerment and body positivity. Her voice acting in animated films and roles as a judge on talent shows further showcase her multifaceted talent.

Personal Life and Influence

Married to Daryl Sabara since 2018 and a mother of two, Trainor’s personal life has been as fulfilling as her career. She often faces and addresses controversies gracefully, contributing to her role as a modern icon for many young women. Trainor’s influence extends beyond music, impacting the realms of fashion and social media.

Last Updated : February 13, 2024

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