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Mariam Assad

Mariam Assad (born July 7, 2006), also known by her TikTok handle "mariamstar1", is a rising junior model and social media influencer
Birthday : July 7
Age : 18 years
Nationality : Australian

Mariam Assad Wiki

► Other Name : Mariamstar1
► Nick Name : To be Updated
► Home Town : Sydney, New South Wales , Australia
► Living In : Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
► School : To be Updated
► College : To be Updated

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► Who is Mariam Assad?

Mariam Assad (born July 7, 2006), also known by her TikTok handle “mariamstar1”, is a rising junior actress, model and social media influencer who has captured the hearts of over 2.6 million fans on the app. With a unique blend of lip-sync and comedy videos, Mariam has established herself as a standout talent on TikTok, often collaborating with other social stars to create engaging content.

In addition to her TikTok fame, Mariam also plays the character Chloe in the web series “Mani”. With her vibrant personality and dynamic acting skills, Mariam is definitely someone to watch in the coming years.

Early Life and Background

Mariam was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where she spent her childhood and teenage years. She grew up in a close-knit family, surrounded by her parents and siblings.

TikTok and Instagram Fame

On TikTok, Mariam posts a mix of lip-sync and comedy videos that have earned her a massive following of over 2.6 million fans. In addition to her TikTok presence, Mariam also posts lip-sync videos and pictures from modelling shoots and other events in her life to her Instagram account, which has over 400,000 followers.

Family and Personal Life

Mariam’s real name is Mariam Assad, and she comes from a large family, with her father appearing in several of her videos and her mother managing her social media. She has two older brothers and two older sisters, who all play supportive roles in her life and career.

Stand Against Bullying

Mariam is known for her strong stance against bullying, and she was featured in an anti-bullying social video that included the Bars and Melody song “Hopeful”. Through her work and activism, Mariam is positively impacting the world and spreading awareness about this important issue.

Friendship with Piper Rockelle

Mariam is also good friends with her “Mani” cast-mate, Piper Rockelle, and the two are often seen collaborating on TikTok. Their friendship adds another layer of personality and charm to Mariam’s content and persona.

Last Updated : March 15, 2023

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