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Kilmisha Uthayaseelan

Kilmisha Uthayaseelan (Born November 11) is a Sri Lankan singer who gained fame as a child singer and contestant in Zee Tamil Saregamapa Lil Champs, 2023
Birthday : November 11
Nationality : Sri Lankan

Kilmisha Uthayaseelan Wiki

► Other Name : Kilmisha Yaazhisai, Kismi
► Nick Name : To be Updated
► Home Town : Jaffna, Northern Province, Sri Lanka
► Living In : Jaffna, Northern Province, Sri Lanka
► School : To be Updated
► College : To be Updated

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► Who is Kilmisha Uthayaseelan?

Kilmisha Uthayaseelan, widely known as Kismi or Kilmisha Yaazhisai, is a rising child singer from Jaffna, Northern Province, Sri Lanka. At a very young age, she managed to captivate audiences with her melodious voice. Best recognized as a contestant in Zee Tamil Saregamapa Lil Champs, 2023, Kilmisha has shown promising talent and a passion for singing. Let’s delve into her life, career, achievements, and more.

Person’s Early Life

Kilmisha was born on November 11th in the beautiful city of Jaffna, a place known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and delectable cuisine. Growing up in a city with a blend of colonial charm and modern vibes allowed her to explore various art forms, including music. The picturesque coastal city with palm-fringed beaches and serene temples provided the perfect backdrop for nurturing her artistic abilities.

Her father, Uthayaseelan, and mother, Tharmini, always supported her dreams and encouraged her to pursue music. Kilmisha’s younger brother, Kisvin, was her constant companion and playmate. Together, they discovered the joys of singing and playing in the vibrant streets of their hometown, immersed in the artistic ambiance that Jaffna had to offer.


Being a child prodigy, Kilmisha’s education has always been intertwined with her love for music. Her parents enrolled her in music classes at an early age to hone her skills. She attended a local school in Jaffna, where she actively participated in music events and performances. Her teachers recognized her talent and encouraged her to explore her potential in singing further. Kilmisha’s educational journey has been an exciting blend of academics and music, shaping her into a talented young artist.


Kilmisha Uthayaseelan Family
Kilmisha Uthayaseelan Family

The family has always played a crucial role in Kilmisha’s life. Her father, Uthayaseelan, is a pillar of support, while her mother, Tharmini, has been her guiding light. Along with her younger brother, Kisvin, they form a close-knit family bonded by love and shared interests. They reside together in Jaffna, Northern Province, Sri Lanka, cherishing their moments of joy, laughter, and music.

Full NameKilmisha Uthayaseelan
NicknameKismi, Kilmisha Yaazhisai
Date of BirthNovember 11
Home TownJaffna, Northern Province, Sri Lanka
Living inJaffna, Northern Province, Sri Lanka
Known forZee Tamil Saregamapa Lil Champs, 2023
NationalitySri Lankan
CountrySri Lanka

Career and Achievements

Kilmisha’s career in music began at a very young age when she started performing at local events and functions in Jaffna. Her raw talent and passion for singing soon caught the attention of music enthusiasts.

She auditioned for Zee Tamil’s Saregamapa Lil Champs in 2023 and was selected as a contestant. Throughout the competition, Kilmisha’s performances stood out, earning her praise and recognition from judges and audiences alike. Her ability to blend classical and contemporary music showcased her versatility as a singer.

She won the Title of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs. Season 3 in 2023.

Kilmisha’s YouTube channel has also gained considerable popularity, with 60K followers. Her covers and original compositions reflect her creativity and love for music. With determination, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to her craft, Kilmisha is surely on the path to becoming one of Sri Lanka’s future musical stars.

Television Shows

Kilmisha’s television journey began with her participation in a popular musical talent show. Her performance on the show gave her the platform she needed to showcase her talent to a broader audience.

Television ShowYear
Saregamapa Lil Champs (Zee Tamil)2023


While Kilmisha’s career is still budding, her performances have already created waves in the music industry. Though she hasn’t won any specific awards yet, her talent and hard work are paving the way for future accolades and recognitions.

Social Media Popularity

Kilmisha Uthayaseelan’s popularity on social media has been growing steadily, reflecting her rising fame as a young singer. As of today’s date, she enjoys a following of 60K on TikTok, where fans love to engage with her musical videos. Her Instagram handle, @kilmishayaazhisai, has amassed 1K followers who stay tuned for updates on her life and performances. She also has a YouTube channel with 60K followers, where she posts her covers and original compositions. While she may not be present on Facebook and Twitter, Kilmisha’s social media presence remains robust, and her fan base continues to grow, eagerly anticipating her next musical ventures.


Being a child artist, Kilmisha’s net worth is not publicly disclosed. However, her success and growing fame in the music industry are a testament to her bright future and potential financial success.

Personal Life

In her personal life, Kilmisha is a loving daughter, sister, and friend. Her family is integral to her life, and she often spends quality time with them. Being a young artist, she also focuses on her studies and enjoys exploring different aspects of music and creativity. Her single status leaves her with ample time to concentrate on her budding career and the musical journey she has embarked upon.

Last Updated : December 18, 2023

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