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Intro : Hiral Radadiya (Born April 7, 1989) is an Indian actress, known for her diverse roles in Hindi web series and her dynamic presence in digital media
Birthday : April 7
Age : 35 years
Nationality : Indian

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► Other Name : Ashawiniben Mayur Radadiya
► Nick Name : Hiral, Zarana Patel, Zarana, Ashwini Patel
► Home Town : Delhi, India
► Living In : Delhi, India
► School : To be Updated
► College : To be Updated

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► Who is Hiral Radadiya?

Hiral Radadiya, known by her stage names Zarana Patel and Ashwini Patel, is a prominent Indian actress and model, best recognized for her work in Hindi web series. Born on April 7, 1989, in Delhi, India, she has carved a niche for herself in the digital entertainment world. Hiral’s journey in the entertainment industry is showcased through her Instagram handle hiral.radadiya, where she connects with her 71.6K followers.

Rising Star: Early Life, Education, Family

Hiral, born Ashawiniben Mayur Radadiya, grew up in Delhi, India, embracing her Indian heritage and culture. Details about her early education and upbringing remain private, but she was born into a family with Kabir Patel and Nakshatra Patel as her parents. Her diverse ethnic background and fluency in multiple languages contributed to her versatile acting skills.

Spotlight on Success: Career and Achievements

A series of notable performances in various web series mark Hiral Radadiya’s acting career. She gained significant recognition for roles like Sanjay Bharadwaj in “Chadti Jawani” (2023), Soni Jha in “Majnu Chacha” (2023), and in “Dirty Entertainer” (2023) as Shaikh’s Wife. Her versatility is further evident in “Maili Chader” (2023), “Nehlee Par Dehla” (2023), and “Ye Ashiqui” (2023), among others. Notable works include “Gulabo” (2022), “Palang Tod” (2020-2022), and “Honey Trap” (2022). These roles have showcased her range and depth as an actress, earning her a place in the competitive world of web series.

Behind the Scenes: Personal Life

Hiral Radadiya maintains a private personal life, focusing on her flourishing acting career. Her social media presence hints at a personality that is as vibrant and dynamic as her on-screen characters, yet she keeps her personal life away from the public eye. This approach lets her fans focus more on her professional achievements and artistic talents.

Last Updated : December 3, 2023


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