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Adityaram (born September 26, 1980) is an Indian Billionaire, Movie Producer, Real Estate Tycoon and the Founder Chairman & Managing Director of Adityaram Group
Birthday : September 26
Age : 44 years
Nationality : Indian

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► Home Town : Jagannadhapuram, Andhra Pradesh, India
► Living In : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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► Who is Adityaram?

Born on 26th September 1980 in the picturesque hamlet of Jeganatpuram, Adityaram has emerged as an exceptional force in the realm of real estate. His visionary outlook and passion for knowledge set him apart even during his formative years. After completing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, he delved into the subject, becoming a true master of his craft. Despite hailing from an agricultural background, Adityaram recognized the boundless potential of the real estate sector and set out on a journey to shape its future.

Under the steadfast leadership of Adityaram, the growth of the Adityaram Group has been nothing short of extraordinary. With unwavering dedication, he seized the untapped opportunities within the real estate industry. His relentless pursuit of excellence resulted in the successful launch of numerous projects, each surpassing the previous in terms of quality and innovation. Adityaram’s dream of creating premium realty developments with exceptional infrastructure, professionalism, and top-notch customer service has become a reality, benefiting both individuals and the economy.

Mr. Adityaram’s triumph as a real estate tycoon can be attributed to his astute market observations, adaptability to global economic changes, and decisive business strategies. He possesses a unique ability to identify opportunities and make well-informed decisions swiftly. Through intuition and tireless efforts, he has paved the path to success in the real estate industry. Today, the collective efforts of Adityaram and his ventures, known as the “Adityaram Group,” stand as a testament to his unwavering perseverance and unwavering dedication.

The Adityaram Group encompasses a range of enterprises that reflect his diverse interests and commitment to societal welfare. From Adityaram Properties (P) Ltd to Adityaram Charitable Trust, each endeavour showcases his passion for excellence and making a positive impact. Adityaram’s transformative journey inspires others to dream big and reach new heights in their endeavours.

Last Updated : February 13, 2024

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